Bank of the FUTURE

Our Mission: Empowerment, Opportunity, Financial Freedom.

Play Infinite game. Humans x Banking x Life x Design.

Playground = India & SE-Asia

We’re humans, Not Credit Scores. Unthink Money. Build Trust. There’s an opportunity to reframe the role of the bank.

Traditional Banks are designed around Products. We are designing a Bank around Humans. A bank for your entire financial life.

We are building credit, savings, and investment products. Democratizing financial services in ways that are equitable and transparent.

Find a market that thrives on its lack of transparency and make it transparent.
Planting a Forest, not a Tree. Building enduring x Companies x Products.

The high-level thesis is that financial services will go exactly the same way as retail, media and other disrupted industries. It’s all zeroes and ones. So we ask: what’s not going to change in the next 10 years?

Driven by the vision of ‘Building a BANK of the FUTURE', we intend to redefine people’s relationship with money through simple, accessible credit, and personal finance, digital banking offerings, and much more.

New customer segments are coming to the fore, and just a few banks have the technology required to cater to them. Millennial DNA is fundamentally different – and digital. We are aware of what Amazon and Uber did to our lives. However, we are still banking the same way our parents did. The younger generation finds it difficult to relate to "The Bank of Mum And Dad" :-) Everything we do as millennials is different to our parents, but banking is the same.”

We think of banking as a software engineering problem.
We’re building a ‘customer-focussed’ lifestyle bank to orchestrate the fulfilment of life needs. In 6-10 years we believe people will control their financial lives in once place.
Launching in 2020. You can read some of our views here: FinTech Wave-2, Autonomous Finance, Expectation Chasm.

We’re entering an age of “boundaryless” organizations that increasingly identify themselves directly with their ecosystem. Our endgame is "a world where all of your financial decisions and financial work will be done invisibly"- a world of Self-driven Finance" We are building “systems of intelligence”. The value will not come from the “intelligence” alone. The value is in the system itself.

We're a tight, tiny team of builders based in Bangalore & Singapore. Building a world class company culture is important to us. To set the foundation, we've aligned around these core values: COURAGE, EMPOWERMENT, PERSISTENCE. PASSION. CURIOSITY. STRIVING. We are learning machines, better every day.

We are hiring across positions in Bangalore. Please send an email at Come Join us and help us build a Bank of the FUTURE. A bank for YOU. The way it should be.

We have a giant ambition, and the grit to keep going... until it's reality.

"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." — Marcel Proust